Healthy Futures for Women Appointments & Fees

Healthy Futures for Women Appointments & Fees

How to Schedule an Appointment:

Simply call us at (303) 991-7700

We will ask you several questions about your needs and medical situation.

If it appears to us that we may be in a position to help you with your decision, or with medical care or referrals, we will set an appointment as soon as possible.

About Our Fees

Financial assistance is available

Most of our procedures cost $500 (including sedation) but can be lower depending on the amount of financial assistance you qualify for. Our friendly front office will help you.
Be careful with other offices that appear to have lower costs. Their fees may not include IV sedation which may be an additional $100-$125 to their advertised price.

Should IV sedation be optional?

Patients often ask: “Other offices seem to have lower prices because they will let me do it without IV sedation. Is that a good idea?”

Dr. Hindes’ answer: “No, I don’t think that is a good idea; I respectfully disagree with those other clinics. At Healthy Futures your comfort is a priority. I understand how attractive it is to the patient to see a lower price, but at any office the procedure can be naturally quite crampy and there is a reason that good strong IV pain medicine is the standard of care. I do not want patients to be mad at me for letting them do a procedure without IV sedation. When you ask doctors and nurses themselves if they would do it without the IV sedation they almost all say “no – I personally would do the IV sedation.” If you are worried about the cost, please ask us what we can do to help you find financial assistance. We are willing to do it without IV sedation for reasons of safety (the patient has allergies to the medications or has to drive herself home, for example) but there is no discount without IV sedation because we do not want the patient drawn to that choice for financial reasons; we do not want any patient ever feeling that we misled her about it being comfortable without IV sedation. Again - at Healthy Futures your comfort is a priority.”

Surgical procedures done in our office start at $500. Abortion with the pills only/no surgery is also $500. That fee includes the necessary steps – testing, ultrasound, IV sedation, antibiotics, recovery. The fee increases the further along the pregnancy is. Between 10-11 weeks the cost is $565 and at 12 weeks the cost is $605 and so on. There is a fee of $150 that goes towards the ultrasound and it is applied to the total cost if the visit goes forward. We do not do only ultrasounds.

You may choose to terminate the pregnancy using the medical abortion pill if you are less than 11 weeks. The cost is $500 - $565.

All funds are collected prior to beginning the abortion. If you need financial assistance please tell the receptionist when making your appointment. We are able to give you information regarding help available to you through our office.

About 1 in 20 women have a blood type called “Rh negative.” If you are that 1 in 20 there is an additional $135 fee for the RhoGam injection you may need. If you do not know your blood type we will do a simple test (at no additional cost) to let you know what it is.

What is the Rh factor?  It is a normal protein that most women naturally have. However, some do not. If you are over 11 weeks into pregnancy, and do not have this protein, and do not receive the injection at the time of termination it may cause problems with a future pregnancy. An Rh negative patient over 11 weeks will always get this shot, with every pregnancy, whether she delivers, aborts or has a miscarriage.

When you head home you’ll have the choice of carrying out a prescription for some optional medicines for home such as pills for the cramping and for nausea, or just buying them from us. These optional medications are about $15 - $20 per bottle in our office, but it is cheaper with insurance at the pharmacy. Still, many patients just buy them from our front desk for the convenience of it.