What to Expect with Healthy Futures for Women

What to Expect with Healthy Futures for Women

Most of our procedures take 2 minutes. That's right: 2 minutes - with a silent, hand-held device that is far friendlier than the old-school noisy machine that some other offices still use. During those two minutes, you will be very well sedated.

Expect to be here 3 hours, maybe up to 5. There is paperwork and testing before the procedure, and if you had surgery, 30-60 minutes in the Recovery Room while the sedation wears off.

You will be greeted by courteous and respectful medical staff.

Healthy Futures for Women

We will ask you about your needs and questions - there will never be any pressure about your choice with the pregnancy. If you need time, you'll leave and whatever you paid initially will go toward the procedure when you come back so you don't pay twice for two visits.

We will provide you with information to answer those needs.

We will review your medical situation and make recommendations customized to your specific situation.

Ultrasound is offered to all patients (it is a medical necessity for those who choose to have an abortion, to assess the stage of pregnancy). We do ultrasound only to the extent that is medically appropriate for your safe treatment. There is no sound with it. Some patients want to see the ultrasound images, and some don’t. We will honor your preference either way.

If a woman chooses to have an abortion, the process can usually begin immediately.

Post-operative birth control options will be offered.

We accept cash, VISA, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

Someone to drive you (you may leave still feeling some lingering effects of sedation).

Evidence that you are 18 years old or more or evidence that your parents have been notified of your intent to have an abortion, or evidence that you are an emancipated minor (Colorado law). If you have questions about this, please call us.​

Please wear comfortable clothes, including larger underwear that can securely hold the large pad that we will give you after your procedure.

Also, please do not eat or drink after midnight the night before your abortion, to reduce the chance of becoming nauseous from the sedation.

We can still see you here, however, we will need to make special arrangements.

Some abortion procedures over 14 weeks gestation begin with an overnight medical treatment. We start the treatment on the first day, the patient goes home, then she returns the second day to finish. On rare occasions, the patient is uncomfortable in the middle of the night and should be seen by the on-call doctor. In such a situation, we would not want the patient unreasonably far from the office. This is especially true in the winter, when snow can make a trip to the office even more difficult. Thus, if your abortion procedure requires overnight treatment and you live far from Denver, we may ask that you secure a place to stay – family, friend, or local hotel - depending on your circumstances.

Specifically, we would like you to have a place to stay in Denver if:

  • The date is April 1 – Nov. 30 and home is more than 75 miles from Denver; or
  • The date is Dec. 1 – March 3, and if home is more than 50 miles from Denver.

We need reassurance that you have arranged for a driver, as we do not want anyone driving after IV sedation.

We would be happy to provide for you a list of affordable hotels very near the office.