Why Come to Healthy Futures?

Why Come to Healthy Futures?

Healthy Futures is the best place to terminate your pregnancy because:

Patients receive careful and appropriate sedation for maximum comfort at no additional cost!

Often we are able to see you today or tomorrow - many other offices aren't available for weeks.

Our providers use techniques that do not reduce your ability to get pregnant in the future. It would take a very rare complication of the process for it to reduce your ability to get pregnant and that is extremely uncommon in our office.

  • The office is a highly regarded member of the medical community, next to the campus of a major Denver hospital.

We offer the most affordable fees in town; we are typically $100 less than the large national chain charges. And you may also qualify for additional financial assistance, please ask us about it when you call.

Healthy Futures is a private, personal, quiet medical office, not a large volume national chain.

  • All patient information is strictly confidential.

The physician is highly skilled and personable; we give you the physician's personal cell phone number and encourage you to call at any time.

  • All patients are treated with the greatest respect.

Your wait time will be far shorter than at offices that are large national chains. Our wait times are usually 2 – 5 hours. We are not able to have patient support people wait in our waiting area currently due to Covid restrictions and for the privacy of our other patients.

This situation is always stressful. In cases in which the fetus has died or in which there are devastating developmental problems such as chromosomal abnormalities, we are prepared for your special needs for managing that procedure.

We believe in every woman's right to make her own decisions about her own future.

We believe that every woman deserves complete and impartial information about her options, and the highest quality, most courteous care whatever her choice.

Whatever a woman decides, we will support her directly in our office, or provide appropriate referrals for the duration of our care for her.

We believe parenthood should be planned.